Hangers 2013,

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Wood, Ceramics, Glass, Color Prints, Dimensions Variable

During my time as an exchange student at the St Lucas art school in Gent I made a work called ‘Hangers’. It is a photographic series of sculpted hangers in the local Van Eyck swimming pool.

With these series of photographs I made a new sculpture showing and combining the photographs in a trolley made out of wood.

Only parts of the photographic scenes are visible in this sculpture. Some sculptures used in the photographs are also on display.

The Fall 2012,

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Beyond Babylon, Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Installation View, 240 x 151 cm

This installation was the result of a fascination with the transitory nature of light and how light can create shape within a limited period of time. It is partly made in my former studio (an ex-school building) then moved and finished in the building of the Old Church where the work was on display.