Table act 5 2019,

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Wood, Ceramics, Rope, pigmented cotton, Fotopub, Novo Mesto, Photo: Eva Hoonhout

‘LOST IN DEPICTION / part one and two’

Curated by: Eva Hoonhout

Group show with : Caz Egelie, Lily Lanfermeijer, Dan Adlesic and Eva Hoonhout

For the exhibition at Fotopub Lanfermeijer created an installation consisting of wooden tabletops, ceramics and fresco paintings on jute. Homemade egg tempera paint, often applied with delicate brushes, is applied on the plaster shapes with a large roller that would normally be used to paint the walls of contemporary interiors. The works are inspired by a broad range of fields ranging from public murals, tableware found in kitchen cupboards to the images found on printed t-shirts. One of the characteristics of mural painting, outdoor advertisements or even printed t-shirts is that the architectural elements of a given body or space are incorporated into it’s reading and vice versa, either resulting in harmonious or conflicting combinations. Lanfermeijer describes these combinations as ‘morphing experiences’ and she often deploys these same processes of absorption in the presentation of her works. There is no hierarchy among her objects; furniture, pedestal or artwork are all equally important in her installations.