I laughed "To hell with them" I said, Act Table / 4, 2019

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Installation view, Katrein Breukers, Lily Lanfermeijer


A collaboration between Katrein Breukers and Lily Lanfermeijer.

I drove home. I had my jacket off and my sleeves rolled up, I wore a pair of faded jeans. I parked my car and found a stack of flyers lying deserted in the street, still wrapped in plastic. When I got home I opened my windows and waited for something to happen. I waited a long time.

I went into the studio, a garden house, stationed myself behind the desk and poured myself a cup of coffee. I placed it on the board of a game we played yesterday. I picked the cup up again and placed it on the novel ‘Attar of Roses’ before I took a sip. Two circled ochre brown stains were left behind.  I looked at the chair, some of the leather had been scarred. Did I do that?

It was nine o’clock when I finally got the call, I picked up, with gold leaf attached to my hand. I laughed. “To hell with them” I said. I walked out, leaving the door open.

For the exhibition in the kitchen, Katrein and Lily started a new collaboration. Inspired by the detective game Cluedo and the classic detective novel, they became interested in treating the exhibition space as a place for remains or traces of previous events. Can we find hidden or forgotten actions within the confines of our own studio?