Lost in Depiction / Part Two, 2019,

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Lily Lanfermeijer, Ceramics, _Souterrain 14 Amsterdam


Curated by Eva Hoonhout.

As in ‘Lost in Depiction/ part one’, artists Eva Hoonhout, Lily Lanfermeijer, Caz Egelie and Dan Adlešič have worked together to transform a collection of sculptural works into a site specific Gesamt installation. _Souterrain14 is an artist-run studio and project space located on the basement floor, designed as canal house style commodity storage. The double context of the space, currently being an artist studio and originally having been storage, forms the context for a collective installation where artworks actively archive, incorporate and occlude each other.

As part of Lost in Depiction / Part Two Lily Lanfermeijer (1990/NL) continued her research into the combination of ceramics with rope. There are many forms of braiding like the braiding of bread or the braiding of hair and scouts’ rope-knotting. Just like other kinds of folk crafts, braiding is encoded, imbued with certain hidden meanings, often spiritual. For Lost in Depiction / part two Lily shifted her focus to basket and rope making. Her interest lies in the way in which traditional ways of handling materials can be mixed, for example how techniques used for rope making can be used for ceramics, and how different types of rope weaving can be combined into one line. By this Lanfermeijer created a flexible sculpture that can form a multiple of shapes, depending on the context it is presented in.

Lost in Depiction / Part Two is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Fotopub, Slovenia