Reclining Nude (IIII) 2015

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Clay, Cotten Cord, Leather, Metal, Detail

The Reclining Nude series is made in collaboration with Mila Lanfermeijer. Techniques of knotting and basket making are used to create hanging sculptures that refer to the home and the body.

Macrame gained immense popularity during the 1970’s as a means to make wall hangings, articles of clothing and other furnishings. Inspired by references from this era the Reclining Nudes series explores the possibility of macramé to hold forms. Introduced into England at the court of Mary II in the late 17th century. The queen herself taught the art of macramé to her ladies-in-waiting. Sparked by the idea of ‘a lady in waiting’ we became interested in the depiction of the hanging and resting female body in painting as well as the comparison of the female body to the household form of the vase.

To create the sculptures a temporary basket was created from rope, by pressing the clay against this surface baskets or vase like forms are made. Before the clay has completely dried the rope is pulled out, making the wet form collapse.

For the exhibitions AIR and Object Rotterdam the Reclining Nudes series was shown in combination with the work Sleeping with Oda.

A resting clay form is presented on a hand painted blanket. The blanket is part of a collection of blankets that are inspired by the ‘quilts of gee’s bend’. The composition of these quilts is more often associated with the inventiveness and power of the leading 20th-century abstract painters than with textile-making.