Untitled (Staddle Stone Series) 2016,

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Ceramics, Glass, Plastic, 100x66 cm

In this project I was using elements of cinema production spaces like the materiality of props and the use of colors to make sculptures that refer to statuary in carefully constructed garden spaces.

There are different ways to look at parks and different opinions on what parks could look like.

Sometimes there are benches where people read their newspaper, where you can find artificial pools of water and banisters with a bark relief in them, where everything is very well maintained and quite formal. Other times parks are more wild with bushes and grass where people lay down on.

As with garden spaces, the space of commercials also play with a manipulated natural appearance. The breaking sound of a dark magnum ice-cream between the lips is carefully constructed and mixed. Although the space of the movie is not a place we can enter nor sit in, but a projection of ourselves into it.