Writing is drawing is speaking, 2020

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Video documentation of clay workshop for 11-13 year olds at Framer Framed, Hand model Tamara Laaper

Together with Romaisae Boukalil; Finja Bertrang; Soung Paing Khant Kyaw; Bernice Grootfaam; Fleur Tuin; Kevin Spanjaart; Milana Kosanovic; Noble Ekwueme; Gigi Sno; Kyara Wolf; Huiwen Li; Jasmijn Kruisheer; Salma Ennali; Arthur Janzen and Aaliyah Ahmed from the Ijburg College Amsterdam we made 3 communal sculptures at Framer Framed Amsterdam.

3 groups of 5 kids made a cone-like base shape of + – 35 cm high. This shape is seen as a pedestal, for a ‘miniature group-exhibition’. Meaning each student created something to put on the ‘pedestal’ or basic shape that we can walk around, and look at from multiple angles.

The created series of ornaments by each individual student are inspired by Hortus drawings; pictures on the table or on own imagination/interpretation. How would you make a drawing in clay? Flowers /twigs/fabrics and chains on the table could be used for printing in clay (to create reliefs) or sculpting shapes by eye and interpretation. What would you like to add or remove? The ornaments were placed on the basic shape and coloured with black and white engobes.

Many thanks to intern Tamara Laaper.